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Otherwise it seems odd that people watching a fairly good art film offering a close, realistic study of a family over a period of twelve years, would consider such a moving and historically momentous film.Putting aside the “Everyone’s Story” appeal, Linklater’s film offers the unique case of a feature film shot across the actual twelve years covered by its story, allowing the actors, most dramatically the young ones, to age before our eyes.In fact, I began to think that his performance is the perfect illustration of Kuleshov’s most famous, though lost, experiment: the one where supposedly the same footage of actor Ivan Mosjoukine looking offscreen was cut together with shots of things like bread, a dead woman, a child playing–things that would logically invoke widely varying emotions.Audiences supposedly praised Mozhoukin’s performance, saying he expressed hunger, sorrow, and happiness admirably.He also characterizes Mason in fairly standard shorthand ways.

His sister Sam and mother Olivia seemed to be more interesting characters, since they had goals, held strong opinions (right or wrong), made mistakes, accomplished things, and so on.His characterization as slightly rebellious is pretty conventional: looking at semi-clad models in a catalog, allowing himself to be goaded into spray-painting graffiti, flirting with a waitress when he should be clearing tables while working at a local restaurant.Apart from the innovative device of the actor growing across a single film, he’s not a particularly original character.Sam is upset and begs to take them along, but Olivia is concerned only to escape with her own children.Do the two kids left behind bear the brunt of their father’s wrath?

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