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Conversely, there are certainly things you can do that will hurt your custody battle.You should consult with an attorney concerning the specifics of your situation.An ex parte order refers to a court order that is entered at the request of one of the parties without hearing from the other party.

If there is no agreement on custody, the court will make a determination after a formal court hearing in which both sides will be allowed to present testimony and evidence.In connection with support and visitation, if one parent refuses visitation to the other parent, the parent paying support cannot use that as a reason to withhold or stop paying child support.A child’s preference to live with one parent is only one factor that the Court must consider when determining custody and visitation.If you and the other parent cannot agree on issues related to custody and visitation, the judge will resolve these issues. Parents may enter into a written separation agreement or property settlement agreement that addresses custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and distribution of marital property and debts.Your agreement can be incorporated into the terms of the final decree of divorce, unless the court determines that the agreement is unconscionable.

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Under Virginia law, there is no presumption or inference of law in favor of either parent.

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