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It was a coarse, strong, plain-weave tow linen often left in its natural color.

Fabric might have been similar to or a type of canvas, dowlas or sackcloth, all coarse linens used for cloak bags and cases and clothing for lower classes in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Today’s name and spelling is due to the English corruption of Osnaburg but in former days it was also spelled Osenbreges, Ossenbrydge, Ostenbriges, Ozenbridg[e], Osburow, Osenbrigs, Oz- Osnabrigs -brug, Ozenbrigs, Ossenburgs and Osnaburgh.

Modern osnaburgs are coarse-yarn, medium and heavy weight cloths of low construction made of [1] part-waste cotton mixed with low-grade cotton called PW osnaburgs and [2] all short-staple white cotton low-grade stock called clean osnaburgs. Coarse carded osnaburg of part waste cotton, 40″ wide, in its grey or unconverted state.

UPPERCASE has a great track record for creating quality books and magazines.

One book was all about William Shatner (yes, My background is as a graphic designer and my desire to create books from concept to design to production stems from my complete love of books. Payment can be made via credit card or Paypal; your payment method will do the currency conversion for you.

Holding and admiring them as objects, and writing, reading, learning and loving the entire book experience.

Botanica collects a veritable mixed bouquet of inspiring art, illustration, pattern designs, floral-inspired projects and botanically-inclined lifestyles.

Succulents and cacti and the simple potted plant are an of-the-moment trend, but this volume also goes back to historical sources and botanical ephemera, illustrating that creatives have an evergreen fascination with all things floral.

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