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It’s like lying on a bed of nails: the pain is distributed so widely that it’s entirely bearable.

I exposed nothing of myself, and thus risked nothing of myself.

Emails that address you personally, telling you that new girls or guys have joined the site, or you have a new private message?

The sort of sites I'm talking about are like Tinder, for example. If they come on there phone then they has actually downloaded the app and created a account..., with no account most apps dont send requests If theyre in email, same concept but there is a rare chance a friend has suggested you and now tour on the spam list They appear to be emails.

It is a rejection of me in particular, based on the very best effort I could make.

It means (I must assume) that I am physically repulsive, personally uncharming, and generally inadequate as a human being.

It involves putting a lot of your ego on the line, just laying bare your sense of self and sticking a big KICK ME sign on it. As I’ve written before, having the pressure on you to make the initial approach is incredibly difficult.

It involves putting a lot of your ego on the line, just laying bare your sense of self and sticking a big KICK ME sign on it.

Second, I potentially found the one or two women who are willing to message me back based on that.By adopting a strategy that works for their individual emotional needs, they’re making the entire site a more toxic environment for everyone. All I can suggest is that for those who get random spam messages, just remember that behind their crude language and dreadful spelling, what each one actually says is “I’m afraid of being hurt.” It won’t stop the stupid things coming, but it might help them seem more sad than irritating.Have any of you Whirlpoolers ever got spammed by dating websites?This point is impossible to overemphasize, because it’s where a lot of this weird male behavior comes from.Let’s say I take the time to carefully read the profiles of five women, and craft five individual messages to them. I too enjoy killing things, and while I’ve never tried ducks, I bet it’s a lot of fun.

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People keep doing it because it basically works, and even when it fails at the first part, it succeeds at the second.

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