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Also, it has very strong original source material that deserves to be re-adapted. it was a stage play called Sexual Perversity in Chicago, written by David Mamet and directed by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator).Sexual Perversity in Chicago is a crackling work by a young and hungry Mamet, exploring the distinctions between sex and intimacy on the tail end of the hippie era.Thirty-something actress Halle Berry has a birthday (Aug 14 1966) date with blue-eyed actor Michael Ealy, 7 years her junior.The couple went to the Alex theatre in Glendale to see a one man play by Mad TV's Alex Borstein. The pair met while filming a made for TV movie, "Their Eyes Were Watching God," still in production.Most obvious amongst the film’s litany of issues is the dialogue and characterization.About Last Night posits itself as a taboo busting R-rated romance that delves into the nitty gritty of what it is to be in love in the modern world. The characters’ dilemmas are pat and their sexual mores seem pulled not from 2014, 1986 or even 1974, but instead maybe 1960.

Things settle down a bit during the second half and the script even weaves in a few clear setups/payoffs, like a pregnancy scare leads to a dog purchase.In the late 1990s, ensemble, Altman-esque narratives (what Roger Ebert called Hyperlink Films) gained new popularity with the likes of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Traffic, and Syriana.This style was soon adapted into romantic comedies like Love, Actually which lead to Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.Other than a clever exchange about the politics of sending a call straight to voicemail and a sincerely touching moment about ‘missing the best part’ of a baseball game, everything here is bathos.Compounding this is the characters’ ever shifting motivations. Then Regina Hall, who has consistently encouraged her roommate Joy Bryant’s romance for the whole of the runtime, is suddenly pissed.

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