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And that's just in the family, never mind the neighbors.

Lumpy was a bit of an ox, the kind of kid the Cleavers tolerated but always kept an eye on.Neither seemed to have any scars from their years on the series, which was shot on the Universal lot.“They were searching for scum and they came up with us,” is how Bank recalled the typical cattle call which brought them both to the series.Lisa Simpson, the smart middle child of the cartoon family, defined the situation best when her long-lost grandmother reappeared two weeks ago. Both trends began with a genuine connection to reality, then wildly exaggerated it.As a boy, Homer Simpson had been told his mother was dead; it turned out she was merely on the run from the F. It was true that in the 50's and early 60's, the norm was a two-parent household like the Cleavers', in which the father went to the office and the mother stayed home.

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  1. Part of what makes Clarke a particularly interesting member of this group — an anomaly, even — is that she's entering it despite the fact that she's still largely unrecognizable.