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"That went better than I thought it would," admitted Ginger, "but obviously one of the first years must have let something slip about last weekend." "Probably," agreed Karen, "but it was fun.""So what now? " Ginger asked with a smile, as she turned to the other three, "anyone else up for some naughty games in the gym? A bit of naughty fun was just what was needed right now, and with a couple of hours still to go before bed, it would fill the time nicely.They were allowed to use the school amenities evenings and weekends, although very few ever used the gym apart from classes.Sue was also shedding her clothing, and revealing a smaller but very perky pair of tits, unfettered, and a tiny pair of black bikini briefs, Alice turned for Sue to undo her bra, then the two were kissing, blonde hair brushing ebony skin as Sue lowered her mouth to Alice's impressive boobs, sucking and nibbling the ripe nipples until Alice was groaning softly.Alice slipped off her pants, watching as Sue did the same, then they knelt at either end of Jenny.

Karen could feel herself getting wet as she watched, and did not object when she felt a hand come round her and start stroking her slit. In moments, Alice was gripping the bars as Jenny got her worked up, tongue teasing her, while Sue tormented Jenny's already sensitive slit, then using the vibe to force Jenny over the top, making her come again and again, until Alice came, come-juices dripping onto Jenny's upturned face.

Dark coffee skin, so erotic against the pale blue of the mats, rich pink nipples and deep pink pussy looking so inviting. " "Nothing, she just likes how you react," Ginger informed her, "as for what I am up to, I just paged for a caretaker to come clear something away in the gym, so Alice will be here soon." Jenny was squirming wildly by now, with Kath teasing and tasting her while Lynne was teasing and rubbing her clit, and pinching her nipples.

As they completed the tying, Karen noticed Ginger off to one side, using her mobile. " she asked, cupping the girl's bare bum and squeezing gently, "you are up to something." She looked over to where Kath was already between Jenny's legs, eating the girl, hands clutching Jenny's bum as her tongue burrowed deeper inside the tied-open girl."Kath can never resist a helpless pussy," Ginger laughed, "and she is just waiting to get her mouth on you, sexy teacher." Karen looked at her in amazement."Me? Karen went into her little room just off the gym, coming back moments later, and handing Lynne a vibe.

At least take out the vibe, it is driving me mad." "What?

This little thing," Alice asked, sliding it in and out a few times and smiling as she saw the girl squirm, "what do you think, Sue?

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