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These "New Deal" camps, created for American citizens by the Roosevelt administration, were designed to teach new trades to America's unemployed youth, and reintroduce them back into the work force.

Johnson was appointed state director of the Texas NYA by Roosevelt, and he hand-picked his successor, Jessee Kellam, after his election to Congress in 1937.

Johnson pulled the right political strings from behind the scenes to circumvent the existing discriminatory U. immigration laws and saved hundreds of Polish and German Jews on the eve of the Holocaust.

Gomolak insisted that Johnson's strong spiritual conviction and moral obligation fueled this clandestine undertaking.

This was Johnson’s first public speech since taking the oath of office to become acting president of the United States.

Since his dissertation first surfaced, Gomolak's theory has been the subject of speculation and debate among historians and his academic peers.

Claudia Anderson, supervisory archivist of the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, first learned of Gomolak's rescue theory when the library received a copy of the dissertation in 1989.

All of these were implemented, Gomolak believed, without the knowledge of the U. Government, and without leaving any tangible evidence or a traceable paper trail.

As evidence, Gomolak cited Novy's dedication speech and Novy's personal notes where he specifically referenced 42 Jews who were saved on his first mission to Poland.

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