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You can follow him on Twitter @nicholaswthomas and read his blog at Nicholas Wayne Although some discount “The Pivot” as an overused buzzword, for a startup, pivoting can mean the difference between becoming the next success story and joining the deadpool.Our focus is primarily in adult and dating markets, though our offers are always expanding.Sign Up Today We have worked tirelessly to create and refine some of the best offers online.

With lean resources, fickle users and quickly changing markets, startups have the most to gain from pivoting, and the most to lose from missed opportunities.Others found that they had the right products, but have marketed to the wrong audience.For some, the only thing they had right was their team.Yazino founder Hussein Chahine said: "Communication is constantly evolving.Some people are as used to seeing their friends online avatar as they are their face.

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There is even an army of 'extreme sofalisers' - the three per cent who spend a staggering 25 hours or more each week talking to friends via electronic devices.

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