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Range("A2: N1087"), 14, 0) If you look at the code very carefully you will notice that I have applied vlookup formula to pull up the value for the other boxes.

Why not such type of userform where I need to choose only 1 time and then I can add, update, delete, previous, next all the button in a single user.

It seems like every day we wake up to read about yet another attack made possible by one or more vulnerabilities.

So that user will update or delete the data using the userform only. Every time you need to choose the value from the SL no dropdown button.

Select Dim msg As String Dim ans As String If Me.cmbslno. ", vb Exclamation, "SL No" Exit Sub End If Dim rowselect As Double rowselect = Me.cmbslno. usp=sharing’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Download Working Files[/thrive_link] Now if you want you may hide the sheet from the user.

In the future, as the University retires old “file servers”, users of such servers will need to migrate off them.

Box or Google Drive are both good file storage solutions.

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But don't get me wrong, I know that computer systems have suffered from vulnerabilities for a very long time; and that no computer is perfectly safe, so long as it is connected to the internet.

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