Updating apt

: Install is followed by one or more packages desired for installation.

If package is already installed it will try to update to latest version.

First, open the Terminal application and type following two commands (Application Please note that above two commands will fetch files from the Internets or local mirrors.

The location of update pages is specified in /etc/apt/(repositories).

you will see a little icon in the kicker bar/taskbar when there are updates.

It will only appear when new upgrades are available.

All you have to do is click on it and follow the online instructions.

With this tool you will not have to routinely check to see if there are updates available.The updates will proceed and you can continue on with  your work.Now some updates may require either you to log out of your desktop and log back in, or to reboot the machine.There is one thing to understand about updating Linux: Not every distribution handles this process in the same fashion.In fact, some distributions are distinctly different down to the type of file types they use for package management.

Search for updating apt:

updating apt-88updating apt-13

Apt is a very powerful tool that can completely manage your systems packages via command line.

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